What We're Playing For

We are playing to raise money to support local families who have lost young ones way too soon. The money that we raise will go toward pregnancy and infant loss awarenessWe’re working with another group of friends who we met while attending a remembrance walk for pregnancy and infant loss. Her foundation, “ Missing Alexis ” supplies “care packages” to local hospitals for parents that have lost a child too soon. These packages include blankets, newborn sleepers, hat, journal, memorial candle, and various other items that provide comfort to these grieving parents.


We have a support group that we both go to once a month. It’s a great support group! Sad thing is what we had to go through to find each other but sure glad we did. PLEASE check out her website.


Please consider playing in the Maizy Lynn Open scramble and giving back to a good cause. Please e-mail me @ ngordon222@gmail.com and label e-mail golf outing if you have any questions.



Missing Alexis Foundation